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XCAL - Fundamental of Drive Tests

Desktop based drive test solution which interfaces with test mobiles, Scanner and GPS. Furthermore, it works as a base platform for various extensions.xcal-m

Scalable and Flexible drive test platform

You take traces from various test phones and scanners for optimisation, benchmarking or device testing. XCAL-M provides the basis of those measurements by supporting multiple technologies, chipsets and call types. It displays those results on screen and saves to log files for further analysis. The information includes from L1 radio parameters up to application lay user KPIs.


RAT Chipset
LTE, LTE-A  Qualcomm, Sequans, Altair, HiSilicon,
Motorola, Samsung, LGE, GCT
GSM, WCDMA, HSPA  Qualcomm, Nokia, Infineon (Intel)
 CDMA, EVDO  Qualcomm
 WiMAX  Sequans, Beceem, GCT, Samsung, etc.
 Scanner  PCTEL EX/MX/EXflex, DRT, R&S TSMW


Automatic Call Control

Auto call feature enables you to automate various call types - Voice, FTP download/upload, Web browsing, HTTP download/upload, SMS, Email, Ping, YouTube, iPerf, Multi-RAB and VoLTE calls. In addition to that, combination of call types can be scheduled to run either in sequence (multi call) or in parallel (multi session). Furthermore, you can create multi RAB calls as well.

Up to date for new Technologies

We have delivered world first features – CSFB, VoLTE with voice MOS, LTE Carrier Aggregation – to the customers when they need it. We keep this strategy up for future technologies.

Smartphone based KPIs instead of PC based application

You control application on the Smartphone and get KPIs for it. You connect up to four smartphones at the same time. In other words, you get application layer throughput, packet delay, web browsing time or VoLTE quality measured based on the traffic packets end at the phone. Compare this concept with your current solu tion which would use the smartphone as a modem device.