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XCAL-Mobile. Handheld measurements

xcal-mobile 01 On-board radio network monitoring tool (application) running on Android smartphone. It’s an App We combined the power of a desktop PC based monitoring tool with the convenience of a smart phone with an Android application.

It is truly a complete tool for wireless network and handset testing as it displays and collects full radio parameters and L3 signaling messages. In addition to those radio technology parameters, it gives the power to capture user plane TCP/IP protocol messages so that you can analyze those issues happening at the higher protocol later. All radio technologies CDMA/EVDO, GSM/GPRS/EDGE, WCDMA/HSPA, LTE and LTE-A are covered.

Lined up with Popular Smartphones Samsung Galaxy S4, S3, S2, Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9”, HTC One XL and LG Optimus series are the ones you can load XCAL-Mobile on.

xcal-mobile inbuilding

Suitable for indoor measurements

You do not bring any other hardware components with you except a smart phone which allows you the indoor measurement.

Signalling message decoding on device in real time

You see the L3 signalling messages on the phone screen. You also can see full decoded information of those messages by clicking of one of the message.

Automatic Call Control

Auto call feature enables you to automate various call types - Voice, FTP download/upload, Web browsing, HTTP download/upload, SMS, Email, Ping, YouTube, iPerf, Multi-RAB and VoLTE calls. In addition to that, combination of call types can be scheduled to run either in sequence (multi call) or in parallel (multi session). Furthermore, you can create multi RAB calls as well.

Background & Passive mode

Log file handling

The log files are saved in the mass memory on the phone which can be copied through USB connection. In addition to this, XCAL-Mobile has a feature to upload the log files to a dedicated data server from the phone directly without using any 3rd application.