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XCAP-M; Post process & Analysis

It is a post processing analysis solution. It provides high level report templates and deep data mining platform for the wireless network optimisation, benchmarking and device testing.


Scalable and Flexible analysis platform

You import the log files from the drive test tools (i.e. XCAL-M) and display radio parameters on the map, table or graphs. L2/L3 protocol messages are fully decoded in addition to the higher layer protocol messages like TCP/IP/RTP/FTP/HTTP protocols. The platform is optimised for the efficiency of the analysis. E.g., LTE radio resource management related information is provided for each TTI (1ms) while data rate related information is presented every second.

No user guides may be necessary

We designed XCAP-M platform to be as straightforward as for the user to self-learn even without any user guide documents. Minimised hidden options, named all functions and parameters with plain terminologies, no more than two steps to operate any specific features are the context of XCAP-M design.

You KPI Report is one click away

The high level KPI summary provides call by call information with table format – drop/success/failure decision, timers, key radio parameters, ul/dl data rates, voice MOS values, etc.

Analysis on the map

Any information gathered during the drive test is able to be mapped. Radio coverage information, radio resource management information, L3 protocol messages are able to be displayed on the map. Needless to say, KPIs are also can be mapped – where the drop/failure happened, where are the voice MOS values less than criteria, where are the data rates are higher than expectation, etc.



Correlation between parameters

Any two parameters can be correlated by the user easily. A typical example can be the correlation between downlink RSSI and uplink UE transmission power during the whole measurement campaign.

Customised Analysis

XCAP-M provides the analysis platform for dedicated technologies and features. A typical example can be LTE RB MAP, CSFB KPI reports, VoLTE KPI reports, LTE handover statistics, etc. Furthermore, we regularly add on demand analysis feature.