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Bwtech is a technology company focused on development and integration of software products for the mobile communication market.  Since 1998 offering network planning and optimization products and services for the mobile communication industry.


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CellMax is a Swedish company, founded 2001, with head quarters in Stockholm, Sweden. We develop and market ultra high efficiency base station antennas. By introducing a revolutionary new design philosophy, CellMax has developed a ground breaking technology that eliminates energy losses in the internal feed network inside the antenna.

Conventional antennas on the market typically provides energy efficiencies of around 70% or less, meaning that 30%, or more, of the energy to be radiated from the expensive radio base station, is wasted inside the antennas. CellMax has solved this problem.
CellMax develops and markets next generation base station antennas for high frequency mobile networks. Based on a revolutionary high-efficiency technology, with an energy efficiency of more than 95%, CellMax provides antennas with exceptional performance characteristics.


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Forsk is an independent company providing radio planning and optimisation software solutions to the wireless industry since 1987.

In 1997, Forsk released the first version of Atoll, its flagship radio planning software. Since then, Atoll has evolved to become a comprehensive radio planning and optimisation platform and, with 6000 installed licenses worldwide, has reached the leading position on the global market.

Atoll combines engineering and automation functions that enable operators to smoothly and gradually implement SON processes within their organisation.

Today, Forsk is a global supplier with over 300 customers in 100 countries and strategic partnerships with major players in the industry.


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Gladiator Innovations


Gladiator Innovations is a wireless analytics company who specializes in providing innovative market leading software solutions for the telecom market.

The company’s diversity and flexibility comes from decades of experience and a state-of-the-art open software platform allowing Gladiator the ability to target multiple domains in wireless analytics from security services through to customer experience, customer care, network performance monitoring, performance management and RAN (Radio Access Network) optimization.

Deployed in some of the world’s largest wireless solutions providers today, Gladiator products enable mobile telecommunications and the lawful intercept to apply decades of innovative solutions to simplify and solve complex mission critical problems.


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Kaelus, an Infinite Electronics company, is a recognized leader in test and measurement instruments, cell-site filters, combiners and tower mounted amplifiers. Kaelus was formed in 2010 by the combination of four entities each with a legacy of excellence in filtering technology. Kaelus continues to provide the telecommunications industry with high-quality, low PIM products that enable effective global communication.

Kaelus’ experience and understanding of the RF environment enables it to excel by developing technically differentiated offerings that are defining the next generation of network performance.

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PCTEL, Inc., develops antenna, scanning receiver, and engineered site solutions and services for public and private networks.


PCTEL RF Solutions specializes in the design, optimization and testing of today's wireless communication networks. The company's SeeGull® scanning receivers, SeeHawk® visualization tool, and Clarify® system, measure and analyze wireless signals for efficient cellular network planning, deployment, and optimization. PCTEL develops and supports scanning receivers for LTE, TD-LTE, EV-DO, CDMA, WCDMA, TD-SCDMA, GSM, and WiMAX networks.


PCTEL Connected Solutions™ simplifies network deployment for wireless, data and communications applications for private network, public safety, and government customers. PCTEL Connected Solutions develops and delivers high-value YAGI, Land Mobile Radio, WiFi, GPS, In-Tunnel, Subway, and broadband antennas (parabolic and flat panel) through its MAXRAD®, Bluewave™ and Wi-Sys™ product lines.  

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Ranplan Wireless

Ranplan Wireless is an innovative UK-based wireless technology company that has used extensive experienced gained in research to create Ranplan Professional, an indoor and outdoor heterogeneous network planning, optimisation and simulation solution for Small Cell, DAS and Wi-Fi networks

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 Tulinx B.V. is a young dynamic company that wants to provide cost-effective IT solutions for mobile network Performance Management and Optimisation.


Our innovative solutions will allow operators to automate troubleshooting and optimisation processes which will result in improved network quality and customer satisfaction.


With our revolutionary toolbox we provide solutions that can process different sources of data from any vendor or technology and include the necessary analyses for performance/quality reporting, Assisted Optimisation and SON. Based on our experience as system integrator and ability to customize our solutions we can ensure a perfect fit in your local environment and processes.


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