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CellMax is a Swedish company, founded 2001, with head quarters in Stockholm, Sweden. We develop and market ultra high efficiency base station antennas. By introducing a revolutionary new design philosophy, CellMax has developed a ground breaking technology that eliminates energy losses in the internal feed network inside the antenna.

Conventional antennas on the market typically provides energy efficiencies of around 70% or less, meaning that 30%, or more, of the energy to be radiated from the expensive radio base station, is wasted inside the antennas. CellMax has solved this problem.
CellMax develops and markets next generation base station antennas for high frequency mobile networks. Based on a revolutionary high-efficiency technology, with an energy efficiency of more than 95%, CellMax provides antennas with exceptional performance characteristics.

The high efficiency concept from CellMax pushes technology to limits of what is achievable according to the laws of physics. Our products are based on a proven concept and are compliant with existing working and planning procedures used by network operators.

Our customers are operators that realize that antenna performance can make or break a cellular system. CellMax high efficiency antenna technology has set a new standard for network design and network profitability.
CellMax is a privately held company. The principal owners and original founders have a long and substantial background in the telecom industry from companies within both radio equipment as well as mobile operations (e.g. Allgon, Tele2, Ericsson).