Our company offers a complex software and equipment solution for mobile operators who intended to build a profitable, successful network. We collected and studied a set of effective and compatible tools that allow mobile operators to optimize network performance, improve capacity and KPIs and minimize operational and capital expenditures by:

  • productivity improvement
  • tuning network parameters to increase network performance
  • minimizing amount of equipment as a result of optimized coverage
  • reduce churn and maximize customer retention
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Atoll 5G Selected by 120 Mobile Network Operators Worldwide

Forsk announces that 120 wireless network operators are using Atoll to plan and optimise their on-air and future 5G networks. More than half of the MNOs using Atoll 5G are based in Europe, while others are spread across the Americas, Asia, and the Middle East.


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New version 2.3 of Naos Provides Extended RAN Planning and Optimisation Automation Capabilities


Forsk announces that the new version 2.3 of Naos is commercially available.

Naos, released in early 2019, is a service-oriented automation platform that helps operators streamline and automate RAN planning and optimization processes.

Naos version 2.3 includes a number of new features such as a direct RAN data access service, extended REST APIs, multi-storey calculations and more.

Since its inception, major wireless operators have selected Naos to implement automated wireless planning and optimisation processes, ranging from site selection to resource allocation


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MTS selects Atoll for 5G planning


Forsk announces that it entered into an agreement with MTS, Russia’s largest mobile operator and a leading provider of media and digital services, to deploy Atoll for network planning in Russia. This deal covers the replacement of the legacy solution with Atoll, adding 5G capabilities, and several modules of the Atoll suite such as the ACP. The new solution will also include some automatic utilities provided by Forsk that will allows MTS to streamline and accelerate its engineering processes.

Forsk works in cooperation with AZymuth Ltd., its long-time partner in the region, that will supply local support and services such as training to provide a close assistance to MTS.


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