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AWE Communications


AWE Communications was founded in 1998 as a spin off from the Institute of Radio Frequency Technology at the University of Stuttgart. Since these early days, the main focus of AWE Communications has been the development of software tools for wave propagation and radio network planning.


During the last 14 years, AWE Communications has accompanied the evolution of wireless and cellular mobile communications including the migration from 2G via 3G to 4G cellular networks.


Together with strategic partners and involved in multiple public funded projects, AWE Communications has developed different software tools for various applications in the world of wireless communications.



In the last decade, the products of AWE Communications were presented at many conferences and exhibtions around the world. The experts of AWE Communications teached customers in many seminars on different continents to achive the max. benefit with the software products of AWE Communications.


Today innovative propagation models are combining high accuracy and short computation times. Flexible network simulators for various air interfaces allow a detailed prediction of the performance of a wireless network.



The headquarter of AWE Communications is located in Gaertringen and the R&D and sales team are part of the Software Center in Boeblingen.

Both locations are in the south west of Germany, close to Stuttgart, the capital of Baden-Wuerttemberg, one of most innovative regions in Europe. Boeblingen is also close to the northern part of the Black Forest, one of the most attractive and famous sightseeing areas in Germany.