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Manages multiple number of smartphone measurements with an Android tablet.
One Master rules Six Slaves; no wires
You control six handheld test mobiles (XCAL-Mobile or XCAL-Solo) through Android based 7” tablet (i.e. Galaxy Tab or Nexus 7). Master table provides user interface to control each client smartphone and display measured radio parameters from each client. Master also controls logging and auto call script for each smartphone. The communication between Master and the clients are through Bluetooth so no physical cables between peers.



Suitable for Benchmarking Test

Key benefits come from the fact that one tablet controls six smartphone measurements which enables benchmarking of different networks, technologies or services. Once the measurement completed, the log files in each client are manageable by the Master, i.e. upload to a specific data server. You can manage to run the measurement for more than 7 hours thanks to the external battery adaptation to this solution. The equipment you bring to the field would be a bag, six smartphones, battery pack and a 7” tablet.