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NetChart is a web-based Configuration and Performance Management tool designed for analysis and presentation of radio, transmission and core statistics of 2G , 3G and LTE networks. Multiple and very detailed statistical data are available at all network element levels. The tool is aimed at telecom engineers as well as senior managers providing strong support in their daily network planning, optimization, control and reporting tasks. With all common network configuration issues detected automatically, parameter change history support, worst cell reporting, geographical visualization capabilities and geolocation, NetChart provides pro-active approach towards Service Assurance needed to achieve optimal subscriber experience.

NetChart is fully customizable, upon customer request, with extensive online support. It gives meaningful cost and time savings as all raw data import and processing is done automatically. The tool does not require any asset investment but just a monthly fee for the service.

NetChart internal architecture provides automated and hassle-free integration with all major vendor data systems for all technologies from 2G to 4G. It is cloud based solution where client application runs in web browser. No software installation is required, no upgrades needed, inherent support for cross-platform compatibility is provided. Unlimited number of end users is supported.

Since the beginning,  NetChart was developed and constantly upgraded by an outstanding team of professional programmers, with programming and telecommunication expertises. As a consequence, Netchart team can better understand and efficiently implement customized solutions for our customers.

Netchart diagramm


NetChart suite follows modular concept with separate though fully integrated modules not only managing network performance, configuration and geolocation functions with advanced geographical visualization on maps but also improving your productivity with Work Order Module or Scheduler.


 Netchart 2

NetChart consist of 4 main modues:

  • Perforance Management Module
  • Configuration Management Module
  • Core Module
  • Backhaul Module


Performance Management Module

Provides wide range of functions needed for fast and efficient analysis of network performance. Anything that can be expected for such module is available, from charts and reports to worst cell analysis and geographical visualization. From easy customization to full automation.

 Netchart 3



Configuration Management Module

Takes control over your network parameters. Not only thousands of parameters can be shown, but their consistency can be checked. Network elements can be compared against each other and common problems can be detected automatically. Full history of parameter changes is stored so any change impacting network performance can be easily detected. Baseline Control reports are available to follow the progress of network compliance to configuration standards.


Netchart CM



Core Module

NetChart Core Module provides necessary tools to manage configuration and to monitor performance of PS and CS Core Network elements in multi-vendor environment.

This is your tool of choice for topology and element configuration data assessment, management and analysis, as well as for collecting, reviewing and monitoring KPI statistics needed for core network optimization and assurance.

Performance data collection from all core network elements, from Media Gateways and PDN Gateways to SGSNs and GGSNs is all done automatically. Predefined reports let you monitor network performance, capacity and resource utilization, traffic and many more.

The module is dedicated to Core Network engineers for their daily optimization, monitoring and reporting tasks as well as to senior managers for all reporting and controlling tasks.


Netchart CM



Backhaul Module

Performance Management, Configuration Management and Alarms for multiple vendors and backhaul technologies are available in NetChart Backhaul Module. NetChart backhaul module allows to easily control your KPIs and correlate them with the RAN and Core performance.

NetChart Backhaul module shares the same User Interface of RAN, Core and Geolocation modules, allowing engineers to perform a truly E2E Optimization.


Netchart Backhaul