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SMS was founded in early 2009 and has today offices in Switzerland, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Chile, Colombia and Hong Kong. We serve customers all around the world including leading network operators such as Telecom Italia, Vodafone, Wind, Telefonica, Claro Chile and many others.

SMS is able to draw up many years of experience within the field of QoS and QoE. We are highly competitive and can guarantee a flexible and dedicated business approach.


Quality Of Experience And CEM, Why Is It Important?


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Network View                                                    Customer View

Quality Of Experience (QoE) has become the single most important factor for subscribers when choosing an operator. Mobile operators constantly analyse data coming from sources such as CDRs, network probes, drive testing tools, building up what is known as the network view. Even though this is a good approach it fails to provide a true picture of the user experience.

Results from recent studies show that there exists a significant gap between the 'measured' quality of any particular service of the network and the actual 'perceived' quality by the subscribers. With NxRay, SMS is offering a cost effective CEM solution that provide unique insights to close this gap by gaining clear understanding of the key parameters and issues that impact the network and service quality perceived by the subscribers.




 Swiss Mobility Solutions