ProMan - Wave Propagation and Radio Network Planning


Wave Propagation Models

ProMan (Propagation) is designed to predict the path loss accurately between transmitters and receivers including all important parameters of the mobile radio channel.

Propagation models for rural, urban, indoor, tunnel, and time-variant scenarios are available as well as the unique CNP mode for hybrid urban/indoor scenarios.
Terrestrial transmitters, radiating cables (only for indoor and tunnel scenarios), distributed antenna systems (DAS), and satellite transmitters can be considered.


Proman scenarios 2


Radio Network Planning
ProMan (Network) offers network planning modules for all popular air interfaces: LTE, 3G (UMTS/HSPA and CDMA 2000), 2G/2.5G (GSM, GPRS, EDGE), Tetra, WiMAX, and Wireless LAN, ...
MIMO and DAS are supported as well as user-defined extensions for the air interfaces.
Static and Monte Carlo system simulators are available and consider traffic distributions depending on clutter or vector maps (databases).
Besides these cellular network planning features, ProMan also supports the planning of broadcasting networks (terrestrial and satellite transmitters).


proman HSDPA peak rate micro a