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WinProp Plug-Ins & APIs
DLLs for 3rd Party Software Tools


AWE Communications offers an application programming interface (API) for its wave propagation engines and network planning modules. The interface supports Microsoft Windows and Linux (both in 32 and 64 Bit).


The very simple handling of the API allows customers the integration of the wave propagation models as well as the network planning modules into any software tool. The WinProp API can be used from any Windows or Linux application (e.g. from a C/C++/C# compiler or from Matlab).




Several modules of the WinProp API are available:

  • Indoor Wave Propagation API: Includes all indoor wave propagation models using 3D vector or pixel databases.
  • Urban Wave Propagation API: Includes all urban wave propagation models using urban vector building databases and topography pixel databases.
  • Rural Wave Propagation API: Includes all rural/suburban wave propagation models using pixel databases for topo & clutter.
  • Network Planning API: Includes the network planning module for all air interfaces supported by WinProp.




Most commercial radio network planning tools offer a wide variety of features and tools for the planning of wireless networks. But very often the propagation models included in these tools are only basic models like Hata-Okumura or COST Walfisch-Ikegami for urban scenarios and COST Multi-Wall for indoor environments.
In most cases commercial RNPs allow the integration of more sophisticated propagation models via plug-ins.
AWE Communications offers its popular prediction models also as plug-ins for various 3rd party radio network planning tools.


WinProp's outdoor propagation models are available for Forsk Atoll.


Of course the flexible API can be adapted by AWE Communications to integrate the propagation model into any other software tool. Please contact us if you are interested in the adaptation into your radio network planning tool