Software for the simulation of reliability and connectivity in wireless sensor networks



The CoMan application is part of the WinProp suite and allows the simulation of the reliability and connectivity in wireless mesh/sensor networks. The application provides the possibility to model wireless sensor networks with different types of nodes, e.g. standard and gateway nodes. Connectivity aspects between the nodes of the network can be predicted based on the underlying propagation scenario in different environments (rural, urban and indoor). Depending on the specified wireless air interface of the system, interference is considered as well. The paths of the information flow between the nodes of the network can be determined depending on the predicted radio channels between the nodes and the specified service requirements of the air interface.





  • CoMan offers many features to model, predict and evaluate wireless sensor networks:
  • Display of rural, urban and indoor simulation environments in 2D and 3D view
  • Dialogs and mouse tools for easy configuration of the wireless mesh/sensor network
  • Image files (e.g. scanned map of the city or map of the building) can be put in the background for easy navigation and placement of nodes
  • Prediction of wave propagation
  • Simulation of reliability and connectivity in mesh/sensor networks
  • Support of multiple CPUs
  • Result browser
  • Easy evaluation of predicted results:
    • Graphical representation with corresponding legend in 2D and 3D view
    • Threshold analysis
    • Export to ASCII files