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New Atoll NB-IoT Module for Planning and Optimising NB-IoT Networks


Forsk announces that a new Atoll NB-IoT module is now commercially available!

The Atoll NB-IoT module fully models NB-IoT  and allows operators to plan and optimise NB-IoT networks as independent deployments or as an integrated layer within an LTE network. The Atoll ACP (Automatic Cell Planning) module allows operators to select the best sites according to NB-IoT-specific design and optimisation objectives.



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Atoll at Sprint in the USA

Forsk announces it has completed a nationwide Atoll deployment project for Sprint, a top US operator with approximately 60 million subscribers.  Sprint selected Atoll to replace its legacy radio planning software after a selective evaluation process.

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Forsk Signs OSSii Agreement with Ericsson

Forsk announces that it has signed an OSSii agreement with Ericsson. The OSSii – Operations Support Systems interoperability initiative was initiated to enable OSS interoperability between different OSS vendor’s equipment; it allows independent software vendors (ISVs) like Forsk to interface their products with equipment suppliers through a comprehensive framework from specifications to integration testing.


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Atoll LPWA module

The Atoll LPWA module enables wireless IoT (Internet of Things) network operators to design, plan, and optimise their networks based on Low Power Wide Area (LPWA) technologies, such as LoRa, Wireless MBus, and ultra-narrowband low-throughput technologies.

Based on Atoll’s 64-bit platform, Atoll LPWA can support large-scale IoT wireless networks comprising gateways covering wide areas and massive numbers of connected objects and end-devices.

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Atoll at Telefonica in Latin America

Forsk announces it has completed a number of Atoll deployment projects for Telefonica in Latin America. Forsk has delivered Atoll GSM/UMTS/LTE in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Peru and Uruguay. Together with Atoll licenses, Forsk and its partners in the region have also delivered installation, training and data migration services.

“Telefonica is a strong reference with challenging requirements due to the size of some of its operations such as Brazil.” said Vincent Spiegel, Head of Sales at Forsk. “We worked closely with Telefonica to build a solution which can replace their former tool in a smooth and user-transparent manner and address their current and future requirements. This could only be achieved thanks to the 64-bit and open architecture of Atoll. This deal also confirms a strong presence of Forsk in the CALA market.”

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